Mt. Kang Yatse II (6250m) Expedition

Kang Yatse is a mesmerising peak that overlooks the sprawling beauty of Markha Valley in Ladakh. Made up of two distinct peaks, Kang Yatse bears a striking resemblance to a king’s throne. The western peak called Kang Yatse II reigns mighty at a dizzying height of 6,250 m, and opens up to ravishing panoramic views of the neighbouring Zanskar and Nun Kun ranges, along with the mighty K2. A great, lesser known alternative to the popular Stok Kangri trek, the Kang Yatse II introduces you to the basics of mountaineering without overpowering you. It is well on its way to becoming one of the most sought after treks in Ladakh!

Ladakh – 12D/11N – 20,625 Ft. – July to September

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The itinerary is as follows:

Day 1: Arrive at Leh

Day 2: Explore and acclimatise in Leh

Day 3: Drive from Leh to Chilling, and trek to Skiu (3,400 m)

Day 4: Trek from Skiu to Markha (3,700 m)

Day 5: Trek from Markha to Thochungtse (4,200 m)

Day 6: Trek from Thochungtse to Nimaling (4,720 m)

Day 7: Trek from Nimaling to Kang Yatse Base Camp (5,150 m)

Day 8: Rest & acclimatization day to gear up for the summit attempt

Day 9: Trek from Base Camp to the Summit (6,200 m), and descend back to Base Camp

Day 10: Buffer day in case of bad weather conditions

Day 11: Trek from Base Camp to Chuskirmo (4,140 m) via Kongmaru La (5,260 m)

Day 12: Trek from Chuskirmo to Shang Sumdo (3,730 m), and drive back to Leh


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How to Prepare Physically for your Trek?

Every trek demands excellent physical fitness. Focus on three major aspects- cardiovascular endurance, strength training, and trek specific training. For cardiovascular fitness, begin by jogging 5 km everyday. You should ideally be able to cover 5 km within 25 to 30 minutes depending on your trek difficulty level. Target exercises that will strengthen your core, hip, knee, and back muscles. Include squats and planks, and regulate the number of reps and sets as per the difficulty level of your trek. For trek specific training, include stair climbing with a heavy but well supported backpack. You can also take short hikes with steep inclines to adjust to uneven trails. Read More.

7 Reasons to start trekking now

Spirituality, serenity, inner peace, contentment, and pure bliss. How long has it been since you experienced these sentiments all at once? Can’t remember? Exactly. Trekking guarantees you all of this, and much more! Locked in a sylvan embrace, mother nature holds the solution to all your woes. There’s a whole new world waiting to be explored outside the bounds of social networking. Watching the mountains change colours under the sprawling expanse of the sky is a life (and perspective) changing affair. Also, it mountains have a way of humbling you, while helping you establish newer relationships with people, and also with yourself. Top top it all off, it helps you rediscover yourself, and rekindle the spark of adventure! Read More.

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